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No matter your role in the innovation process, we can help!


It shouldn't take weeks to answer "Can I patent this?" - use Inventr to build reports in minutes.


Let Inventr do the heavy lifting of analyzing thousands of documents, so you can focus on what you do best: innovate.


Use Inventr reports to focus and accelerate your company strategy. Let us help you bring your groundbreaking tech to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are you using A.I.?

Our algorithms comb through hundreds of pages of documents to find out how your innovation differs from previous inventions by understanding the meaning of your invention, beyond the words you use.

Patent language is confusing and often intentionally vague - understanding if you can protect your innovation is a manual process that often takes weeks and costs thousands.

Inventr offers you the chance to spend less and get answers in minutes

A report includes a score (from 1-100) and relevant patents, or prior art, that exists to your invention. Here is a link to a Demo Report that was run on our own technology!

We are currently using all USPTO data on granted patents and applications published within the U.S. We are working to add international patents and other literature - please sign up to our mailing list to stay updated on when this releases!

In the process of building our platform, we used data on previously completed prior art reports validated by attorneys. This helped us make sure that our A.I. was picking up on results that attorneys considered relevant. For customer references, please reach out to us at!