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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you using A.I.?

We are primarily using a subset of A.I. called Natural Language Processing (NLP). Prior art searching can often be expensive because it requires a lot of manual effort - specifically around finding the right keywords and relevant patents. NLP can analyze patents instantly and reduce the effort needed to find relevant results.

A report includes a score (from 1-100) and relevant patents, or prior art, that exists to your invention. Here is a link to a Demo Report that was run on our own technology!

We are currently using all USPTO data on granted patents and applications published within the U.S. We are working to add international patents and other literature - please sign up to our mailing list to stay updated on when this releases!

In the process of building our platform, we used data on previously completed prior art reports validated by attorneys. This helped us make sure that our A.I. was picking up on results that attorneys considered relevant. For customer references, please reach out to us at!

For startups, each report costs $295 - this includes access to our secure platform and the ability to share reports with others.

If you're an attorney, please reach out to for more information on pricing.